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Kate and Cole Kelly have been married since 2001, are the parents of three rambunctious boys, and do what they can to keep their relationship in the courting phase. (It isn’t easy but they try.) Here is a little more about each of us.

About Kate:
Growing up in Minneapolis and Seattle, I spent most of my time playing games with her brother and parents. After attending Dartmouth college, where I captained the womens soccer team, I went to work at a large boarding school in New England as an admissions officier, coach, and dorm parent.

I was pretty happy with my life when I was introduced to Cole through a mutual friend. After a 7 month long distance romance, Cole sent me a 4 hour scavenger hunt through New York City that ended with an engagement ring. We married 4 months later and started the happiest and interesting years of my life.

I've always been interested in relationships and my experiences with Cole, our growing family, and my friends showed a consistent theme: long term relationships are hard work.

For last few years, I've been engrossed in research on relationships and the biological differences between men and women. The more I talked about it with Cole (I'm blessed with a communicative and confident partner), the more I realized how little I knew. I found the same was true with my other girlfriends.

So, I worked with Cole to put together this blog and the service. My goals for this are to help everyone understand the ups and downs of relationships and find a way to keep it fun. I hope you'll help!

About Cole:
I'm the luckiest person I know. I grew up with great role models and a brother who I still call one of my closest friends. I was able to pursue my passions (competitive golf and education) from an early age and earned pretty high levels in both arenas.

I earned a M.Ed. in Sports Psychology and thought I wanted to coach full time. Then, I earned a MBA and thought I wanted to consult. Thankfully, I met Kate and figured out what I really wanted to do: be around her a lot and raise a bunch of good, healthy, inquisitive children.

After our marriage, I worked with Kate in directing a summer camp of 400 girls and 130 female staff members over 5 years. To say I learned a bit about what women expect and how to communicate with the fairer sex would be a gross understatement.

We left the camp to focus on our 3 boys and develop some new ideas. All the while, we found ourselves struggling with the busy-ness that comes with life. Our relationship became harder to keep fresh and fun. The more looked around, we noticed most of our friends felt the same way. After doing a ton of research and talking, we knew we could do something to help ourselves and others.

We created this blog and the service to help bridge the gaps in thoughtfulness we felt in our own lives. Hopefully, it will do so for you as well.

My goals for the blog and service are two fold: 1. I want to make it easier for couples in a relationship to bring back the thoughtfulness that made them friends in the first place. 2. I want to start a conversation that will influence the following generations of adults to become more aware of the benefits of a healthy relationship and what it takes to keep it that way.

Neither Kate nor I know everything about relationships. We are still learning about ourselves and each other. However, we both believe passionately that thoughtful, long-term, happy relationships make a positive difference for everyone. We hope you'll join in on the conversation with us!