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February 05, 2009


Diana Daffner - Author - Tantric Sex for Busy Couples

Yes, every relationship needs a bit of a prompt in the right direction. Or sometimes a push, or even a shove, to get it back up to the level of love that was shared on the I-DO day. (or the move-in day, or whatever). As a relationship and sexuality coach, I'm well aware of the he/she differences that arise (pardon the pun). Let's not underrate the importance of intimacy on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Keep intimacy alive and energized, and love becomes a song in the soul.

Thanks for your work in supporting relationships.

Diana Daffner,

cartier diablo pen

I promise if you use the service and follow the gentle prompts and reminders, your relationship will be in as good a shape as your shiny minivan in no time! these words is quoted from your blog,I believe your service must as good as your words,come on.

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